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Elections 2004:

Mayor 2004:

Mr. Youssef Robert Azoury

and his associates Roni Nasr Bechara, George Fayek Nassib Azoury, Naji Youssef Azoury


Municipality Board 2004:

Mr. Youssef Fayek Azoury 

Mr. Georges Farhat Tannous  

Mr. Zaher Mrad Azoury 

Mr. Georges Rimon Fares  

Mr. Antoine Youssef Maroun 

Mr. Nassif Elias Nassif 

Mr. Fady Maarouf Azoury

Mr. Dany Gergy Azoury  

Mr. Fares Saeed Azoury









Our Mayor Is already Selected

Mr. Youssef Robert Azoury

and his associates Massoud Selim Germanous, Joseph Emile Youssef, Naji Youssef Azoury

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The winners of the Municipality Elections

Mr. Youssef Fayek Azoury  224 votes

Mr. Georges Farhat Tannous   224 votes

Mr. Maurice Nehme Azoury  216 votes (have resigned after a while)

Mr. Zaher Mrad Azoury  215 votes

Mr. Georges Rimon Fares   215 votes

Mr. Antoine Youssef Maroun  212 votes

Mr. Nassif Elias Nassif  211 votes

Mr. Fady Maarouf Azoury 209 votes

Mr. Dany Gergy Azoury   208 votes


The rest are

Mr. Fares Saeed Azoury   193 votes

Mr. Hamid Bechara Melhem Youssef Azoury   192 votes

Mr. Maroun Selim Naeem Germanous  191 votes

Mr. Ihab Alfred Azoury  189 votes

Mr. Elie Jamil Azoury  183 votes

Mr. Ghazi Bassil Youssef Bassil   182 votes

Miss Najwa Youssef Azoury   108 votes

Mr. Dany Joseph Kleib   60 votes